Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One more thing: boot.rb

After doing some testing and getting this up on my hosted server, I found one problem that others have run into. When using SOAP4r as a gem, you may get an error along the lines of 'uninitialized constant SOAP::Mapping::EncodedRegistry(nameError)'. For some reason, the gem load order is wonky, so there is an easy fix involving boot.rb. Check out the link for more info:



Jon said...

Nice work so far. I'm just getting started on Rails. When I had to do some .net web service interop last year, I wound up doing DIME attachments with PHP Pear SOAP. When I was looking around, the only non .net implementations were in AXIS and the gSoap library. I'm surprised more people haven't been working on this. It would be a beautiful thing if you could pull it off. (re)implementing MTOM in ruby looks like a fairly sizeable job.

Mjreich said...

Hey, thanks for the cmment, Jon. Yeah, I'm surprised as well that there aren't more people interested in SOAP with ruby/rails, but I guess it says a lot for where SOAP is going.
DIME was what we used in the first version of this webservice, but given that it was never really a standard and even the big WS implementations (.NET and AXIS) are not supporting it anymore, it looks like MTOM is the only option for transmitting payloads with SOAP.