Monday, June 25, 2007


Welcome all! This blog will document my efforts to create/extend MTOM (Message Transmission and Optimization Mechanism) functionality in Ruby (mainly through the SOAP4R library). MTOM was added as a W3C recommendation with SOAP 1.2 back almost a year ago and was created to allow for inline attachment of payloads in a SOAP message, without having to hack the stack with DIME or SwA. MTOM (and the optimization component XOP) are pretty cool, as the user at either end sees only a unified infoset, with binary represented by the xsd:base64encoded type. There are no hooks, one simply has stick the binary data in a base64encoded element and MTOM/XOP takes over the rest. Currently, MTOM is implemented in .NET 2 and Xfire, thought I haven't explored any other toolkits, so it may be elsewhere too.

This blog will document my progress, and hopefully provide some needed assistance to people who are stuck down the black hole called ruby SOAP support.

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