Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rails + SOAP4R != Fun

The next step of this project (now that I have figured out how to bind to the WSDL) is to put up a test service implementation of the WSDL and then validate it using either a SOAP 1.2 message validator, or barring that, a test client that a colleague is developing in .NET.

Consuming web services through rails is easy.

I'm learning that serving anything through rails is hard.

I may be able to use ActionWebService (I've heard from some that this uses soap4r behind the scenes), but my guess is not. So, next up is to figure out how to bind the soap4r servant stub to Rails - possibly through the native rest interface. SOAP operates over HTTP using the POST method, so if I can find a way to trigger the SOAP4R servant stub and pass it the input, and trap/send the output, this may work. Possibly through routes.rb.

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